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International Association of Women honors Dr. Lynn as the Influencer of the Year


Welcome to the WHN page! My wellness team and I look forward to being of service to you.

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We Assist With 10X Corporate Seminars

Grant Cardone


Aligning Passions With Purpose

Dr. Lynn has 12 years of experience in helping women and youth discover their purpose. You can order her book or you can request one on one counsel.


Career & Business Coaching

Dr. Lynn graduated top of class at Pepperdine University and she has 15 years of experience in new business development, which includes scaling businesses to multi-million dollar heights. If Dr. Lynn can assist Google then she can easily help you, too.


Mind Baths

Did you know that the mind experiences north of 50,000 thoughts per day?  Dr. Lynn has mastered the ability to teach others how to calm the mind to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Her company services corporate clients to recharge from mindset burnout and she teaches how we can integrate both hemispheres of the mind.


Pretty Girls Yoga

Dr. Lynn believes that the state of the body reflects the state of the mind.  Yoga is a daily practice that is fun and easy to do.  If you ever wanted to learn how to do Yoga, now is the time.


My daughter's business

Ava's Art Shop - because teaching our kids how to be transactional is how we help them win! Ava's Art Shop is servicing kids parties and corporate events who enjoy arts and crafts as well as washable face paint, removable tattoos, and more!


Interior Design

If you ever stay at the Waterfront Resort in Orange County, then you will get to experience Dr. Lynn's creative mind. If you have a dull space that needs to be revamped, then Dr. Lynn and her design team can assist!

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Hair, Skin, & Beauty

If you are in need of a makeover or complete refresh, then see Dr. Lynn.


Public Speaking & Podcasts

Available for 30 minute speaking segments.


Partner On Cultural Advocacy

Dr. Lynn has received mentorship from the culture's leading earth healers, which includes King Khurhu and Queen Afua.  Dr. Lynn supports cultural advocacy by teaching BIPOC communities how to activate the melanin genome to heal the mind, body, and how to operate both hemispheres of the mind to access higher realms of intelligence.

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Motivational Speaking

For Women's Empowerment

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LGBT+ Advocacy

Empowerment through one-on-one and group coaching.

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Press Release: First Book Complete!

June 26, 2019


Dr. Lynn Honored as Influencer of the Year

May 1, 2018

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Voyage LA Press
Meet Dr. Jessie Lynn

July 24, 2018


International Association Press Release

May 1, 2018

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